Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

tour de WAK.

Greetings from my blogspot. As a recent attendee of the Jan-term trip to Hawaii, I must contribute my two cents worth of good reviews for this trip. Not only was it academically stimulating, but the experience as a whole was educational and thought-provoking. Kudos Raja and Kudos Waikiki.

Kevyn Stokes

Mahalo Whitworth!

Thanks for the opportunity to study in such a beautiful place and have such a great experience! Not only was I introduced to the study of anthropology, the Hawaiian culture, new food, beaches, and more, I was also introduced to new people and friends from Whitworth. Learning about people is one thing-- getting to know new, diverse people is another. Because I was staying with family living on Oahu, I had a different experience from most of the other students, but it was enjoyable and educational nonetheless. Everyday I woke up early so that I could catch the bus from Makakilo to downtown Waikiki. Although it was sometimes inconvenient (and early!), riding the bus was also really interesting and insightful. It gave me a chance to observe and interact with a lot of local people (of which there aren't many in Waikiki).

Even though our lectures alone were pretty interesting, the daily "field trips" we took gave us an opportunity to apply some of what we had learned in addition to learning so much more about Hawaiian culture, nature, the name it. Getting to explore the whole island with really cool people who were interested in learning and seeking experiences was a definite plus.

All in all, this last month spent in Hawaii has been one of the warmest, sunniest, most laughter filled, educational, inspiring months of my life. I can't even imagine another time in my life where I will be blessed with the opportunity to study in paradise with such great people.

- Tracie Fowler